Improving the commercial performance of our clients through holistic environmental solutions.

Resource Management

Appreciating the value of effective resource management is an essential step towards streamlining your waste-related business operations.


An effective resource management system integrated within your sustainability strategy can cut costs and improve service delivery.

Waste Resource Services Management and Optimisation

Managing everyday general waste and recycling services, monthly invoicing and reporting, and semi-annual service review and optimisation.

Resource management is essential to reduce waste administration costs and improve material efficiency, especially for clients with complex waste management requirements (such as multiple waste streams and multiple sites.


Organic Waste

The Closed Loop Organics unit is a fully contained on-site composting unit that can reduce the volume of organic matter by up to 90 per cent in 24 hours.

It is suitable for all types and scales of food service operations. It is simple to use and meets Australian Standards, EPA and Worksafe legislation.


Contract Management

Professional waste management contract tendering and transfer.


Mobile Materials Recovery Facility

Closed Loop Turnstile is a fully portable waste separation unit which sorts waste and recyclables on-site. It is suitable for:

  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Fixed site venues and stadiums
  • Remote locations where regional waste management and resource recovery is limited by access to full scale sorting facilities.

Turnstile can be deployed as a temporary solution or as part of a longer term waste management program.


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