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The Closed Loop Cup

Closed Loop offers the hospitality industry a new recycling program for plastic pint cups.

Our Innovation

Closed Loop Environmental Solutions (CLES) and plastic manufacturer Coveris have partnered to launch a unique take back and remake program for the ubiquitous plastic pint and half pint cup.

Made from 50% rPET, the Closed Loop Cup is sold as part of a take-back scheme whereby after use, the pint and half-pint cups will be collected to be recycled again at Closed Loop Recycling’s plastics plant in Dagenham. Unlike many existing recycling programs, the cups will be collected and re-manufactured within the UK, thereby resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions due to reduced transport operations.

The aim is to greatly improve the environmental and financial performance of the hospitality and sports industry.

The project is part of CLES’s focus on the hospitality and food service sector; to supply sustainable food and beverage packaging that can be recovered under the Closed Loop system. With significant benefits that include;

  • Reduction in waste to landfill
  • Guaranteed use of UK material in manufacturing process
  • CO2 reduction and reduced waste bills
  • Staff positioned inside at a picking station to manually sort waste and ensure consistency, safety and accuracy
Graham Barton, Coveris UK Rigid managing director commented, “We are pleased to be working with CLES and Delaware North, two companies which share our sustainability vision and truly understand the commercial and environmental opportunities presented by using British recycled material. The leisure industry offers a huge opportunity for packaging companies and we see this agreement as this first of many in this sector, allowing us to close the loop on packaging.”