Helping your business save money and reduce waste.

Analysis & Insights

Closed Loop’s expert assessment of waste management data gives clients a clear picture of their waste status, and provides equally clear indications of potential cost-savings and opportunities.


Closed Loop analyses all waste and materials data to inform clients about their waste composition, weight, recyclables and costs in relation to variable state-based landfill levies.

Our analysis gives managers current information to help make better business decisions and improve their organisation’s economic and environmental performance.

There’s a lot that goes in to really understanding an organisation’s waste and recycling. Partly it’s knowing what information is needed, partly actually having that information, and partly knowing how and what to look for once you do.

Closed Loop’s Analysis & Insights service applies Closed Loop’s years of experience in the waste and recycling industry to our clients’ own data, enabling us to identify operational inefficiencies and commercial idiosyncrasies and make recommendations for addressing these that result in significant financial savings, not to mention environmental benefits.

As part of this service, Closed Loop not only identifies improvements on our clients’ behalf, we also develop tools that empower them to continue to identify opportunities for themselves.


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