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Healesville Hotel closes the loop on food waste

Healesville Hotel has joined a host of other iconic Melbourne restaurants in their journey towards changing the face of food recycling in the restaurant industry.

Located in the picturesque town of Healesville in Victoria's Yarra Valley, the Healesville Hotel has recently been awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Regional Restaurant as well as a coveted Chef's Hat by The Age Good Food Guide 2014. Recognised as a leader in regional fine dining, the hotel is now taking another step in its culinary progression with the installation of a Closed Loop Organic composting unit.
Alarming statistics have revealed that Australians throw away $8billion worth of food every year*. This food waste is traditionally sent to landfill where it is left to rot, and in doing so, release harmful methane into the atmosphere which is over 20 times more potent than CO2. By adopting the use of an efficient food composting program with the Closed Loop Organics Unit, the Healesville Hotel is taking responsibility for its contribution to food waste in landfill as well as setting a pioneering example to the plethora of restaurants and wineries in the surrounding area.
Closed Loop's unique technology composts food waste using a combination of heat, agitation and airflow. The volume of food waste is reduced by up to 90% in just 24 hours to produce rich compost which can be used on vegetables gardens or farms to add soil nutrition and grow new produce.
Thanks to the Closed Loop Organics unit, Healesville Hotel is now converting approximately 100kg of food waste every day into their own valuable resource of compost. The compost is currently being taken to their partner Harvest Farm where it is being put to good use on their Kitchen Garden, lush grounds and working farmland.
Michael Kennedy, owner of Healesville Hotel, says "Running a busy food business means we do produce a lot of food waste and that's why we are really excited to be partnering with Closed Loop to change the way we dispose of it. It's important for us to know we are adopting good environmental behaviour and the end result of the compost is a fantastic resource for us to be able to put back into Australian soil."
Closed Loop is embarking on a project to extend the practice of food recycling across the restaurant industry through the launch of City Harvest; a collaborative program which has been designed to help restaurants manage their food waste. Following the installation of a Closed Loop Organics unit, compost will be collected for distribution to urban gardens where it will be used to help grow produce to sell back to the restaurants. A social entity will also be established to run the program and to involve disadvantaged youth through training in business and horticultural skills.

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