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History of Closed Loop

Closed Loop was born out of large packaging corporation Visy Recycling in the 1990’s.

Closed Loop evolved out of large packaging corporation, Visy Recycling, in the 1990s.

Under the Visy banner, we transformed an existing recyclable hamburger clamshell into a unique environmental product, with a recycling program attached. The idea caught the eye of sustainably-minded individuals in entertainment and sport keen to source recycling solutions for their events. The Closed Loop concept of ‘renting’ recyclable packaging took control of inputs and outputs, and a highly successful recycling program for business was born.

Closed Loop was independently launched in 2001 after its involvement as a key waste sponsor of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, where it helped achieve a record Olympic landfill diversion rate of over 70 per cent.

Closed Loop’s holistic approach to resource recovery and waste management controls waste inputs to maximise recycling rates, minimise waste to landfill and reduce an organisation’s environmental footprint as well as its financial bottom line.